A laggard returns

As I write this, I’m at home with a cold, while Sandi (my wife) is out to enjoy a Friday night (Shabbat) dinner with good friends. It’s been more than six months since I’ve posted anything on this nearly moribund blog. So maybe it’s time to revitalize it.

A lot has happened in that six months. The world has continued to be quite crazy.

We haven’t, even now, woken up to the livability crisis we are creating for humans and many other living species by burning fossil fuels. And that doesn’t even begin to express the tragic extinction or near extinction that is already affecting uncountable numbers of species.

The consequences are mounting from the disease of xenophobia (worse in the long term, I’d guess, than the COVID-19 disease now spreading across the globe) that is being exploited by so many politicians around the world. Is it possible that the coalition of greed and hate that is now running our country can fashion another electoral win and plunge us deeper into this epidemic?

Trying to do my share, I pitched in just a bit with the grassroots electioneering in 2018’s Blue wave and am gearing up to do more this year. There is some satisfaction in trying, even if it turns out to be in vain.

And sometimes it’s not: I got to help Richard Hatcher retain his job as mayor in 1979 and 1983; I got to help a little in Harold Washington’s 1983 win; I knocked on doors for Barack Obama in 2008 and 2012. Yet none of that hasn’t kept us from getting to where we are now.

In the last two years, I’ve also been helping to organize a Chicago chapter of the Climate Reality Project, the group Al Gore built to train a worldwide leadership corps of volunteers in the fight against climate change. It’s frustratingly slow going, but our hope is that it’s a snowball, which will, hopefully soon, start rolling downhill.

On the personal side, I’ve found a special person in my life – a half-sister who I long had no hope of finding. But then I did. But more about that another time.

These days I’m working with the statewide Clean Jobs Coalition to get a bill passed in the Illinois legislature. The CRP chapter I mentioned above has made this effort a top priority. It’s called the Clean Energy Jobs Act—CEJA.

You can find more about it here. And then, if you live in Illinois, you can add your name to this petition. And you can call your state legislators (contact information here) and urge them to get this passed.

For my part, I’ll try to get the next blog post up before six months have passed.

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6 thoughts on “A laggard returns

  1. My friend Rick is now a convert and is involved in a Climate Reality project in the Twin Cities that is trying to convince school districts to buy electric buses. They’ve had some success, but he feels he isn’t doing enough.

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