Is our president confused about the difference between weather and climate?

Or is he just trying to confuse us?

It’s cold here. By here, I mean where I sit typing. Our furnace doesn’t like weather below zero degrees Fahrenheit. As soon as the thermometer hits zero, our house begins to cool down. This morning when the air temperature outside hit 19-below, we woke up to a house temperature of 52.

below-zero.pngSo far the pipes haven’t frozen, though the basement dropped below freezing for a bit. I kept some water trickling through and turned on a space heater.  There’s one more day of the worst of it.

Our president used his itchy tweeter finger to joke about climate change. But it’s no joke here. From 1985 until 2014, the weather didn’t deal us such an icy blow. It used to be a once-in-a-generation thing. But now, the climate is changing. And even though the last four years  are 1-2-3 and 4 on the list of the hottest on record, we can still have dangerously cold weather in good ol’ Chicago. The fact that it has come in such rapid succession can be linked to climate change. Here’s a good explanation.

No single weather event can be directly linked to climate change. But climate change tells us the weather extremes will come more often, and be more severe. The average first frost date changes. There are significantly more record-breaking highs than record-breaking lows.

Don’t confuse climate and weather. And don’t relax. We have fewer than 12 years now. And counting.

One thought on “Is our president confused about the difference between weather and climate?

  1. There was a similar piece in the Sun-Times (AP). I appreciated the effort to link Chicago to the problem, since the focus so frequently is on coastal areas and flooding which can seem like somebody else’s problem.

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